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PDF Graphs


After the calculations have been successfully completed, the PDF Graphs menu option is turned on. This screen will allow receptor output data to be graphed or plotted. There are four possible options. However, each options must be set to create data in the project Options screen. See the Options screen for turning on or off data creation for the plots.

Note that plots are only based on generated receptor points. If there are no generated points, then the plot will be blank. Discrete receptor points are not used in generating plots. More generated receptor points will increase the plot detail and accuracy. There is a grid limit for receptor points of 100 by 100.

There are some options including number of plot lines, rate of change the contour lines (how close they are drawn), and if receptor or source points should be shown. Other options may be added in the future.

Example Plot


An example of a the generated plots is shown. The plot is created in and shown in its own floating window. The plot can be saved to the local computer as a PDF file by clicking the PDF button.