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The Options Edit page is one of the four main editing pages for OBODM. All changes to the program general parameters, such as units, and operations are done on this single page. Previous versions of OBODM had multiple pages which have been incorporated into this single page.

All items and descriptions are nearly identical to the original OBODM program. This is to allow easy migration to OBODM2. The input fields have been grouped to best represent how they are associated.

Some options are only available if a particular data is set, such as the meteorological hour data. When an option is dependent on another setting, it is grayed out until that setting is turned on.

Source points can be grouped together so that output information is totaled for just those source points in the group. Any number of groups can be set and a single source point can be in a single group. But, a given source point cannot be in multiple groups. The groups do not affect the calculations, only how the results are reported.

A new option has been added from the OBODM 1.3 program. If all conditions are meet (see screen listing), and then integration time limits can be set for better output of dosage over time. This was originally developed by Matt Freeman in his report Modifications to the Open Burning Open Detonation Model (OBODM) published 23 Sept 2013 (EPA).