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Meteorological Input Information

The Meteorological (Met) Edit page is one of the four main editing pages for OBODM. All changes to the Met points are done on this single page. Previous versions of OBODM had multiple pages which have been incorporated into this single page.

All items and descriptions are nearly identical to the original OBODM program. This is to allow easy migration to OBODM2. The input fields have been grouped to best represent how they are associated.

If the hourly option is set, then the user MUST choice a Met. data file to be used to list the hourly data. Also, the Source data file options are turned on so that source data can be read in from a file. Source data file cannot be used without Met. hourly option. When the hourly is switched between hourly and single, all hourly and daily data for Met. and Source are reset.

Many of the Met parameters may be unknown. In those cases, the program tries to compute the value. Some parameters have upper and lower limits as set by the Limits Set screen. See the paragraph below.

For multiple Met data, such as wind speed and temperature that change by hour a data file can be loaded. The actual loading of the file is done in the Files - Load Met File command. This page only lists what files have been loaded, and allows the user to select the required file from the database. If an old OBODM file is loaded, the associated data file must also be loaded and selected. No special formating of the data file is available at this time. Users must choose one of the preset formats.

Meteorological Data Limits

The limits for various meteorological parameters are set on this floating window. The limits are to help the user stay within normal acceptable ranges. But they can be overridden on this screen. But, as the screen warning states, If any minimum or maximum value in this screen is changed, program results may be invalid and is not supported by the developers of the OBODM program.