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Meteorological File Input

For large meteorological data, there is an option to import the data as a file, verses using the meteorological data input fields in the Edit menu choice. Meteorological (Met.) files can be imported from the hard drive by clicking on the Browse button and locating the file on the computer. It can then be saved into the database for use (and future reference). The Met. file must be saved in the database to be used by the OBODM program during calculations. When saving it, it should be given a name and short description.

The database files can be deleted by using the Del Met File button.

In the Met. menu command, this file can be referenced for use during the calculations. Just because it is imported, does not automatically associate it with the current project. This allows you to change Met files during a single simulation session.

The data format for the input file is critical. The data file must follow the same format as the original OBODM version 1.3 format.