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Open Existing Project

Existing input files from older OBODM programs can be imported from the local hard drive. The file needs to be in the standard .inp file format used in OBODM version 1.3. Thus, saved from older models can be imported and used in OBODM 2.

To import a file, click on the Browse button and locate the file. The file content will be displayed in the text box. The file cannot be edited directly, but it can be viewed. Note, imported files are NOT saved to the database (web version) until the Save As command is executed.

In addition to importing files from the local hard drive, project files can be opened from the online database (web version). These files have the same format as the other files. Simple click on the database file you wish to use, and click the Load DB File button.

There is also an option to remove old project files from the database. Be careful, there is no undo command.


For Safari browsers on Mac computers, the safe mode must be turned off to upload a text file. For details, go to: